The Sacred Flame Of the Heart – Part One

7 Trials and tribulations that Jim Caviezel faced playing Jesus Christ --  AleteiaWhen the heart burns passionately for the sacredness in life, it burns for the Holy Christos and its virtuous attributes so that we may reflect and live these in our own lives. It burns for sacred wisdom to learn of deeper paths of the inner heavenly kingdom, found within the soul who is jesus christ. It burns for the Truth of all truths, the ultimate reality of God, beyond everything we thought was true. It burns to be free from the bitter shackles of worldliness, to become perfected and harmonized with its Creator, to become whole and unified with the Divine. It burns to serve and to love the most Holy One, to love Him more than ever before, and it burns to feel the love of God, for God first loved us so that we may grow to love Him. It burns to worship, to pray and to meditate in the most Holy Presence within. And it burns with compassion toward others, for blessing and healing to be upon them. It burns to serve God by serving all mankind, from the most insignificant ways to the greater and more fulfilling ways when possible. It burns to see a world without lack or poverty, but one of prosperity and abundance, through God’s gracious providence. It burns in the spirit of humility and selflessness, in givingness and forgiveness to others. It burns to see peace on earth and good will toward all people, to see everyone live in peace and harmony, that they may trust one another, and to accept and love each other, even though these are very high ideals beyond mankind’s grasp or willingness at this time. But the possibility and potential is indeed there.

Our yearning hearts ache for such righteousness and fulfillment for all souls in this world, for our desires reflects the harmonious state which is a thought in the Mind of God for His beloved children, and the seeds have been planted and will continue to be planted by His laborers in the field, for the harvest is indeed plenteous. Although the laborers are few, we continually pray to our Lord for more righteous laborers to assist in this great and Holy Work.

However, when we see the ways of iniquity and deception that wage a war of confusion across the world, we tend to feel desperate and our hearts ache for God’s intervention. We can diligently pray ceaselessly and serve where we can, for the heart needs temperance and patience toward the rest of the world that still houses stubborn and willful people. Once the heart can see with patience and wisdom, it is on its way to master and direct the burning and yearning into useful and beneficial channels of the Work, by which it can function with a deeper focus in life and for the immediate needs of others. Every small effort in service to others adds greatly to the overall work of uplifting and transforming all mankind, even if this means one person at a time. Our task as servants of Jesus Christ is to heal and illumine all people, but this begins with the small deeds first, and it also means the only way to change and heal others is by first changing and healing ourselves. This will plant seeds of change into the mass mind of the world, for as we implement transformation within ourselves, this will seep into the greater subconscious mind of mankind. This is the silent and subtle way to plant seeds.

In essence, the heart burns in service and worship to God and in service and healing to mankind in the ways described. The heart so burns in these ways because the sacred flame is lit from within; it is on fire for the Divine. This is so because the soul within the human being is intrinsically connected to the Divine, what we will call the Divine Infinite Beingness, or God the Creator of all. The human soul – within which resides the divine life-spark – is so bonded to God, just as the fetus within the womb is intrinsically connected to its mother. In fact, in a much deeper way we are connected to our Divine Source, for we are “closer than hands and feet. ” The spirit in mankind and the Spirit of God are one in essence, for we were created in His divine image. Our souls were created from the very substance of God, which is also the substance of Love itself. Our inner nature reflects God’s own Nature, but we must learn to awaken to this reality. Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ did say, “I and my father are one. ” This is not exclusive with only Him, for this is true for each individual. If it were not so, then our journey on this spiritual path is a fruitless one indeed. The difference is that these unawakened ones must “wake up” and come to “realize” this inner divine union, which many true mystics have already accomplished.

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