TaylorMade Hybrid Golf Clubs Are the Original Hybrid

Why should you give TaylorMade hybrid golf clubs a quick look before you make your purchase of one of these clubs? Well, first of all, TaylorMade was the first to market what we now call the hybrid club. They have almost 30 years invested in the design and manufacture of hybrid golf Vclubshop clubs.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone then, that they offer probably the most complete line of hybrid golf clubs anywhere. So I think we have better get started before this article gets too long.

The Rescue Dual Hybrid

This is TaylorMade’s basic hybrid club. It is designed to be beneficial to both beginner and more advanced players with swing speeds ranging from 55 MPH on the low end to 105 MPH on the high end. It features weight adjustments that enable you to modify the natural trajectory of the ball.

If you are prone to slice the ball, the weight distribution can be adjusted to have a moderate draw bias. But it can also be adjusted to modify the amount of loft on the ball. Less experienced players with slower swing speed an adjust the weight distribution to provide greater loft, while advanced players will likely require less.

The club head is relatively small but it is still somewhat forgiving of mis-hits. It is available in the 3 to 5 range with the 5 hybrid unavailable to left-handed golfers. There are no women’s clubs available.

The R7 Draw Rescue

Like the Dual Hybrid this is for golfers with a Vclubshop swing speed in the range of 55 to 105 MPH. Unlike the Dual, it does not sport adjustable weight distribution, and is pre-configured to provide a “hook bias” for golfers that tend to slice the ball. They are also designed to deliver additional loft like most hybrids.

They are available for both men and women in the 3 to 6 range, with all but the 6 club available for left-handed golfers.

The Burner Rescue

This is the recommended TaylorMade hybrid club for golfers Vclubshop with a swing speed in the 70 to 105 MPH range. With its large head it features more weight distributed near the periphery of the club head as well as a lower and deeper (further back) center of gravity than other models. The result is a forgiving club with a high launch angle.

Additionally, the club face has a high COR (coefficient of restitution) that means more power is transferred to the ball resulting in more distance.

The TaylorMade Burner Rescue hybrid is available for both men and women in the 3 to 6 range with the exception that the 6 hybrid is not available for left-handed golfers.

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