How To Write Academic English Essays

The first step in writing a good essay is making sure you completely understand the question posed in your essay topic.

Begin researching your topic. Go to your local library to find publications related to your topic and also search the Internet for additional information.

Once you collect enough material to begin, you should plan your essay. Think about how to assemble all the information you have collected including your your own ideas and interpretations.

Begin writing your essay. Write clear sentences which encapsulate the main ideas arising from the information you have gathered, and the ideas you have formed yourself. Start with formulating topic sentences that will begin each argument (paragraph). Try to write active sentences with active verbs. Make sure your topic sentences link with the previous paragraphs.

Once you have written the body of the essay you should then proceed to write the introduction to your essay. Including an interesting fact is a very good beginning and may capture the reader’s interest.

After you finish writing the introduction essay writing service reddit you should proceed to your conclusion. Remember that the primary function of the conclusion is to summarize the main points in your essay, and to confirm your arguments which supported your topic.

Often presentation is worth up to 20% of the allotted marks. Observe correct spelling and grammar and essay formatting rules. You may want to use our essay marking service to help you out with the presentation of your final piece.

Always write multiple drafts and make sure your ideas flow from one argument to the next. Never plagiarize! Always keep track of any quotes or citations and include them in footnotes and bibliography. Remember that universities often use computer software that can turn-up


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