Finding Credible College Essay Examples

Not all of them are credible though, and might leave you misled. Check for the following attributes in the essay:

Good Written English

The sample essay must be able to show good basic grammar. If you notice but a bit of error in fundamental grammar, then move on to the next site. This is a telltale sign that the example is not credible. Also, a well-written composition uses simple and appropriate words. Highfalutin words should sound an alarm.

Short and Concise

You’ll know it’s a good composition if it uses short sentences and short paragraphs. The keyword is readability and one way you can attain this is through simplicity. Moreover, a good composition does not beat around the bush. It goes straight to the point and effectively hits the mark.


The composition must be coherent. A coherent essay will not give you a hard time understanding what you are reading. A well-structured composition always prompts the direction of the ideas (subtly of course). You’ll know when you’re being given a backgrounder, the climax of the argument, or a summary of the main points.


One basic structure commonly used in essays essay writing service reddit is the five-paragraph format. The first paragraph is the introduction and it gives a brief background on the topic. It tells you what the essay is all about. Then the bulk of your discussion lies in the main body that is divided into three parts-the first body paragraph, the second body paragraph and the third body paragraph. You assign each division to a specific subtopic.

The finale of the composition is the conclusion. This is basically the fifth paragraph. It must be able to encapsulate the main points of the discussion and the gist in a short paragraph. You can always deviate from this basic structure. Make sure though that the ideas are well organized and that it is readable.


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