Find the Best Laptops With This Laptop Buying Guide

Laptops have come a long way in the last ten years. With advances in technology covering almost every component that comprises a laptop, it’s possible to find laptops that truly are desktop replacements. Laptop’s are all in one devices, so they’re more user friendly for the average consumer, and of course they’re portable, meaning that they’re one of the best investments you can make in computers today.

With newer technology and a growing market, it’s possible to get even a cheap laptop with a lot of processing power. All you need to know, is what to look for when seeking out the best laptop deals.


  • Determine what you will use the laptop for. If it’s for basic web browsing, light gaming, videos, or school and office work, then modest specs in a cheap laptop will be enough. But for heavy gaming or demanding tasks like video editing, you’ll want to look in the midrange, opting for a laptop with a dedicated graphics card.
  • When choosing the best laptop deal, knowing a little about RAM and CPU components will go a long way. Even the cheapest laptops have 4GB of RAM, so start from there. More RAM means better multitasking and the ability to run demanding applications. Intel is producing the most efficient CPU’s for laptops at the moment, and you can find them in i3, i5, or i7 configurations. An i3 is fine for non-demanding use, but for heavy gaming or multimedia, look for an i5 or better.
  • Big screens are great for gaming and video, but they take away from portability. Try to find a compromise between size and practicality.
  • Choose a model with a comfortable keyboard that has good key spacing, with responsive tactile feedback.
  • Touchscreen laptops are popular at the moment, but they ryzen 5 hp laptop  add to the overall price. If you can find a touchscreen laptop deal within your budget, go for it, but don’t let it be a deciding factor.
  • Consider the battery life. If portability is important, then choose a higher rated battery.
  • Consider a tablet. Tablets aren’t for everyone, they’re great for browsing, connecting with friends, and casual gaming, but if you need to do assignments, office work, or any demanding gaming or editing tasks, a laptop is still the way to go.
  • Is a laptop really what you need? Laptops cost more than a comparable desktop computer. If you can’t imagine a situation where your computer needs to leave the house, your money might be better spent on a desktop PC.
  • Choose a brand name that you can trust. Finding the best laptop deal doesn’t mean you have to go with the unknown devices. Sony, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, and HP all provide laptops across the range, meaning you can find the cheapest laptop deal, even with a big brand behind it.


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