Ceramic Tile Murals

Tile murals are custom designed, hand painted and kiln fire ceramic tiles. Tile murals can be any size, unassembled for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower, decorative wall piece and a wall mural. Marble and regular decorative ceramic is for indoor use. There can be a lot of variations in tile murals like fence and wall that can be hand painted or printed.

Fine art paintings done on either ceramic tiles or tumbled marble tiles are hand painted ceramic tile murals and tumbled marble murals. When these painted ceramic tiles and tumbled marble tiles are fired they will add color, a unique beauty and charm to your home, business or boat. Ceramic tile murals tumbled marble murals and accent tiles make beautiful back-splashes and surrounds for kitchens, bathrooms, barbecue islands, patios and poolside areas. Popular ceramic halloween decoration ceramic tile mural designs include a wide variety of palm tree murals, seascape and landscape murals, lighthouse and tropical murals, coral reef and marine life tile murals. Virtually anything that you desire can be created. Each ceramic tile mural can be hand-painted to your specifications. The best part about mural or tile art is it can be customized to fit to almost any dimensions, so if you like a particular painting you’ve seen it can be made larger or smaller – you have choices and options.

All the decorative tiles, art tiles and tile paintings are kiln fired and permanent, meaning they will not rub off, wash off, fade or be affected by heat, splashing or splattering of hot liquids or foods from the sink, stove or moisture from the shower or bath. There are various brands of murals, but there are a lot of contemporary artist who will provide very authentic and unique mural designs to their clients. So the next time you want to decorate your home, think of murals and let your imagination go wild.


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