Bear Hunting 101 – Cover Up Your Scent!

Nothing is more  exciting to a hunter than his or her first big game hunt. When it comes to big game in North America nothing is more exciting and dangerous than hunting bears! Let’s face it, it may be dangerous in some situations, but that’s truly what makes it exciting. However, sadly most hunters have difficulty on their first couple of bear hunts; some more trips than others! Unless you pay for an expensive guide or go with a seasoned bear hunter you’ll find it’s rather hard to successful bag and tag a bear. Even if you’re lucky enough to get someone to help out you’ll need to remember one key thing; your scent will always give you away!

In human society we scent everything; including food, soap, candles, lotions, toothpaste, etc. Now, this is great for humans who love this stuff, but in reality these scents make it very easy for animals to detect us from far distances. This is one of the reasons when your bear hunting, or hunting any animal that it can be difficult to sometimes even sight one. Luckily we’re going to review below how you can help prevent issues with your scent on your next hunt.

The first thing you’ll want to do is gather all your clothing you’ll be wearing on your next hunt. You’ll want to use a laundry detergent that is scent free and bleach\bleach alternative free. The trick is to wash all your cloths once with the detergent, than “twice” without it. The first wash is with the detergent, the second wash is “without” detergent AND your cloths. The third is “without” detergent and your cloths. This will make sure to wash away any cologne, smells and other odd ball scents you can pick up along your day.

On the day of your hunt make sure you don’t shave or use any cologne or scented soap. Avoid alcohol the night before and morning of the hunt; bears can easily smell alcohol. Avoid any types of food that have a strong odor or may give you gas!

You’ll find it’s much easier to hunt bears with your scent covered up. A bear’s ability to smell is enough to ruin a hunting trip, so make sure your scent is properly covered up. If you’d like to learn more about hunting bears in general feel free to visit the site below. It’s a free educational resource for both the novice to expert bear hunter.


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