American Bulldogs and Breeding

Breeding any dog as a get-rich-quick scheme is bound to fail. Breeding for profit without educating yourself on the financial, medicinal, and moral necessities of the process is a terrible idea. Vaccines, food, and veterinary visits will often eat up and exceed any potential profits unless you are a professional that is well versed in the process of dog breeding. Breeding without extensive knowledge of your bitch and sire and their bloodlines several generations past is a recipe for disaster. However, if you have your heart set on building a career in breeding and you have the emotional, physical, and financial resources to do so, starting out with some research is your best bet.

There are dozens of books and magazines that cover the process of dog breeding. Some are general manuals or tips, but the best ones to read are those that focus on your breed of choice. If you are going to begin breeding, the best research you can possibly do when you are first kicking around the idea of breeding is speaking with your veterinarian. After you have discussed breeding with your veterinarian, you should discuss it with the breeder from whom you acquired your own American Bulldog. You will need to do this anyway to acquire the proper paperwork to prove bloodlines of the dogs you will be breeding in the future, provided you choose to use your own pet. Researching your sires’ and bitches’ bloodlines and the process of breeding is absolutely imperative when trying to become a responsible and ethical breeder.

When choosing sires and bitches for your eventual litters, you must look carefully at many features of the dog. If you are loyal to a particular breeder, that breeder must have two litters from completely separate bloodlines. It is okay if your male dog and female dog are a few litters apart in age, but one must be very careful to not breed a female  Cheap french bulldog too early, lest she develop health problems from being underdeveloped while carrying the puppies. A bitch should be at least two years of age before being bred. Another alternative is to research two different American Bulldog breeders for your sire and your bitch. You must research their histories to make sure that the bloodlines have never crossed, which is possible if both breeders reside in the same region. Inbreeding is a huge risk when trying to create purebred dogs, as it can not only produce unhealthy or unstable puppies, but it can damage the breed as a whole if those dogs are bred in turn.

When breeding, prenatal care is also very important. When your female is pregnant, she must have regular and frequent visits to the veterinarian to assure that her health and the health of the puppies she is carrying are in good shape. Pregnant and nursing bitches also need more food with a different balance of nutrients in order to properly nourish their puppies. Combining all the things listed above should insure a healthy liter of puppies.


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